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Auronlu's House of Sin

Good Final Fantasy X Fanfiction

This LJ is devoted to my video game geeking and fanfiction obsession so that I don't spam my non-fandom friends on my personal LJ.

In RL, I am a freelance writer struggling to earn a living online, backed up with a couple degrees in mythology (with a concentration of psychology -- no really) and classical studies. Despite my training, I am a hack writer secretly envious of talented friends whose prose is better than mine.

In gamer land, I am hooked on all things Final Fantasy, despite or because of the serious flaws in the series. I began with Final Fantasy VIII (which I call the "Legion of Angsty Teenagers"), found myself entertained and charmed, and then fell head over heels in love with the epic-mythic-tragic story that is Final Fantasy X. That love affair started this LJ in 2005. Since then, I have been slowly acquainting myself with older titles in the franchise and playing new games as they are released. Unlike many FF fans, I enjoy all of them more or less.

Why Final Fantasy? I love the characters, the worlds, the stories, and the graphics, not necessarily in that order. For me, gaming is an adventure and a book I can be a part of. The game mechanics, for me, are simply a means to that end.

The early part of this LJ is almost entirely Final Fantasy fanfiction -- a lot of it erotic. I was struggling to finish a PhD at the time (it did not happen), and academic stress needed a brainless outlet.

I write Auron and Lulu of Final Fantasy X because they are intelligent, cranky badasses, unbowed by personal angst, and unlike most Final Fantasy characters, they're not young enough to be my kids. They're also easy on the eyes. When I'm not writing those two, I usually write yuri, since there's not enough f/f written by and for women. Or, in my case, by bi women.

As of 2010, I am so tired of Livejournal shenanigans that I have moved -- with many Final Fantasy fans -- to Dreamwidth, which was created by old LJ staff members who are -- incidentally -- fans and gamers, so they understand what we want and expect of a blogging website. I crosspost all my http://auronlu.dreamwidth.org/ posts automatically to this LJ, which now serves as a mirror, but I check comments in both places (somewhat sporadically, depending on whether RL or an attack of gaming have eaten me).

Senior moment: my username was originally "helluin," but I mixed up the username and login namewhen I first registered for LJ, so I now go by "auronlu." That was originally the name of my Auron/Lulu fansite.

See my ICON RESOURCE CREDITS POST for a list of where I've found the brushes, patterns and textures I use to make many of my icons.