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FFX: Always something new to see

Well, I'll be. I actually brought the PS2 with me to my parents' house partly to have my DDR exercises, and partly to see how my parents would react to the games, since they liked things like MYST and Schism.

Mom is even more obsessive compulsive than I am, plus she's a 3D graphics hobbyist, so she's been trying every single spot to see what she can see.

She found dolphins jumping off the port side of the SS Liki; easiest way to see them is from the rear of the top deck.

More fun, she found that if you keep poking at Kimahri while he's on the Liki, Tidus waves his hand in front of Kimahri's face, Kimahri shoves him, and Tidus responds with a Zell-like foot-stamp. Guess I've got one more thing to add to my "complete script." :)


I have been trying to finish chapter 2 of "Love Her and Despair" ever since I got here. Every time I sneak off to write, Mom barges into my room to tell me something inane. I've been trying to write after 3AM in the morning with the lights off, to hide the fact I'm still awake, but she comes in anyway, or else I fall asleep before making much progress.

I don't know about you, but when I'm interrupted, I lose the zone, and can't write.

Well, last night, we were up until after 3AM. So I woke up at 9AM to try and sneak in a little writing. She is often up very late, and then sleeps in.

So help me, at 9:15, she comes into the bedroom and catches me at EXACTLY the same paragraph that she has twice already.

Why couldn't she have waited until my bedroom door was open? Did I really need to know there's a local Santa Claus with a real beard right now, instead of at breakfast?

And I've gotten so little sleep since I got here (it's the 3rd night in a row she's kept me up until 3, then I've snuck off trying to write a little before I collapse) that I'm starting to get frayed nerves.

This is very hard for someone who normally lives alone.
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