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More FFX Japanese-language version comments

Just for you, muggy_mountain!

Despite the bad fansub, I'm picking up new details.

-- "Sin" is pronounced "S(h)in" but translated "Torture." Also, when Tidus guesses that Wakka's brother is "dead," the word he uses for "dead" sounds like "Sin." Is the translation wrong, or is there another "death" word that sounds a bit like "Sin"? There's also "Shinra", and in the anime Vampire Princess Miyu, the "Shinma" are demons/gods. saharasnow, what does "Sin" really mean in Japanese... and am I right in thinking that the word is related to "Shinto" somehow?
I've always had the feeling the name "Sin" was chosen because of multiple overlapping meanings in both English and Japanese.

--Lulu tells Tidus "we can only protect her until the last second," and her phrasing and tone hints that she expects to die then, too.

-- When Yuna finishes the Sending and asks if she did OK, Lulu hugs her and assures her "As regards the first time you are excellent." So Yuna never performed a solo Sending as an apprentice. Also, with the fuzzy translation it's hard to tell, but it seems as if Lulu's not saying, "you helped them get to the Farplane" so much as reminding her that death is just part of the cycle. "Everybody must go to heaven, right? But you can't cry next time."

-- Lulu is even more direct. For example, instead of saying, "Can't this wait until later?" in Kilika forest, she cuts in when Yuna's still talking (or at least stammering): "We need to go to the temple. Say what you want to say afterwards."

-- Yuna says that Jecht arrived in Spira "ten years and 95 days ago," whereas in the American version she's a little more vague. "The date fits, doesn't it?" works better in the original.

After Yuna drags Tidus off to find Auron, the subtitles switch to a much more competent translator. The phrasing's awkward, but I have the sense that the translation's fairly literal.

-- My favorite two lines, "Did you hurt them?" "A little!" aren't there. Instead it's "Are you okay?" "Mostly!"

-- Yuna's "All this because of me!" after being rescued from the Al Bhed makes more sense in this version: "I'm sorry to cause you so much worry!"

-- As I suspected, Yuna's "thank you" phrases sound effusive and overdone. If I'm reading body language right, she tends to bow lower than someone of her rank needs to.

-- The scene in the locker room between Wakka and Lulu has a bit more subtext:
"I saw you faint."
"Ha, I was preparing a nice wake up." (he comes over and smiles at her.)
When Lulu catches him as he collapses, after he goes limp and apparently is unconscious, she smiles and says, "Yeah, hold on like this." Now, was the fansub changing the dialog, or is that really in there? In the American version, she's a lot more grudging at this point in the story.

-- Lulu refers to Seymour's "excellent performance" saving Mika at the stadium. It suggests that "Spira as playhouse" is a theme for Seymour.

-- When Tidus blows up at Auron, he sounds utterly furious, far less whiny. It's actually a pretty powerful performance -- he explodes in a way that's totally unlike anything he's done up until that point. Lemme give the transcript, because there are some subtle differences.

Tidus: I know everything! It was all your fault! Swallowed by "Torture" and then thrown to Stila, and unable to return to Zenakent ... The whole thing, everything!
Auron: [Wow, Matt Mckennzie did an uncanny imitation of this guy's laugh.]
Tidus: Everyone. Everything is no one but your fault! What the hell are you exactly!? (Foreshadowing!) Do you know anything about my father? (A more logical question than, "you knew my father, didn't you?" )
Auron: Aha
Tidus: Are you also the old friend of Yonna's father?
Auron: That is right
Tidus: What is this all about? It is so strange! (He doesn't say "that's impossible", he just wants to know what the heck Auron is up to.)
Auron: There is nothing strange. Jackt, Blackscar (!) and I -- Together we defeated Torture 10 years ago. And then I went to Zenakent by myself To protect you when you were growing up. So that one day I can bring you back to Stila.
Tidus, sounding like he's ready to punch Auron: Why me!!
Auron: This is for Jackt
Tidus: Is my father still alive? (a little calmer, sounds hopeful in spite of himself)
Auron: Only if that situation can be called alive
Tidus: What?
Auron: That man is no longer a human being. However. That creature does contain something from Jackt's mind. When you make contact with that creature You should feel it too. (Note: it's not that Sin IS Jecht, here, so much as Jecht is trapped IN Sin)
Tidus: Is it... (no question mark, no "it can't be")
Auron: Right. Torture is Jackt
Tidus (Again, furious): What the hell are you talking about!! That is stupid! Foolish! [Baka]
Auron: I will let you see the true [Truth, I assume]. After that you will know what you should do. Follow me. (Slightly different from, "Come with me. You'll see for yourself.")
Tidus: What if I say no?
Auron: Your story is not over yet.
Tidus: So what!!??
Auron: In that way ["case" I think], just do as you like. You can choose whether to come or not. (A little less sarcastic.)
Tidus: (again, very angry) What the hell do you think I am? A fool?! Telling me, Do as I like. I can choose to come or not.
Tidus: Still there is nothing I can do but to follow your idea.
Auron: Are you unsatisfied or upset? *walks over and puts hand on his shoulder* This is good.
Tidus (later): Can I return to Zenakent?
Auron: That depends on Jackt.

LittleBlue on FFproject suggested that, in the game's opening scene, Jecht tried to "drive" Sin near Zanarkand to get a glimpse of Tidus, but when it got too close it started attacking against his will. In other words, it's an organic Mech with an autonomous program. Auron's comment that there is some of Jecht in "the creature" fits that concept.

-- Auron's first response when Tidus proposes to go after the Chocobo Eater is to remind him they are tired. I don't think that comes up until later in the English dub.

-- Lucil is more intimidating. When she chews out Luzzu and Gatta (she's very soft-spoken, but somehow that makes it more forceful), Luzzu says after she leaves, "See? If you lower your head quickly she will leave at once." In the American version Luzzu sounds like he's suggesting a general strategy for dealing with ALL superior officers, not Lucil in particular. Gatta's response is so uber-serious that Yuna bursts out laughing at him. (It makes a little more sense, because Gatta really is funny.)

-- Yuna calls Gatta "Gatta-kun," a fond diminuative usually reserved for someone who's slightly younger.

-- When Luzzu tells Yuna he's still behind her even if he's been excommunicated, she says much more firmly than in the American version, "Thank you. However, if possible, why not return to [Besaid]..."
Gatta: Please go away, Miss Yuna! [Wakka and Lulu turn and stare at him as he runs off]

-- When the party hears about the Crusaders using machina, Auron doesn't say "let them use whatever they like" but "We should make use of whatever we can use. However, I don't think we can defeat Sin." No one calls out the ol' blasphemer!

-- Yuna's also a bit more forceful with Shelinda, whose voice is a bit younger.
Yuna: Please keep going on [forward]! When I was a new Conjurer I was not experienced either. However, don't you feel admitting that you are inexperienced is becoming an excuse for you?
Shelinda: Oh, yes! I must work harder!
Yuna: Hai. (Yes.)
Shelinda: Thank you very much indeed, Yuna! I think I can do much better.

-- When they get to the Agency, and Wakka complains that Yuna was abducted by Al Bhed (the "Albert Family" ;) ), Auron says rather disgustedly, "That was because the bodyguards were useless!" No whistling here.

-- When Tidus tells Yuna she can defeat Sin again if it comes back, she doesn't say, "I wish I could" but simply, "If it is possible." There's a few other differences in this conversation that make both of them sound more in control of their own destinies, as if they're discussing the journey and planning, rather than just angsting over the situation.

-- Seymour almost has a Matt McKenzie voice, no trace of smarm in it -- he sounds utterly plausible and trustworthy at the beginning, even charming. When he gets the gate guard to let them through, you can actually understand why Yuna gets a little wobbly! So when he says things he shouldn't be saying, the content seems at odd with his tone of voice. "No, Seymour couldn't have said what I just heard him say..." is one's first impression.

-- Tidus' response to Seymour isn't a whiny "Who does he think he is?" but "A big guy, he looks like," rather sarcastically, and Wakka's rebuttal is "Not just looks like, is."

-- Seymour's excuse to Wakka about why he's at Operation Mi'ihen is that he's there as an observer.

-- when Tidus runs out into the ocean after Sin and has the flashback about Jecht getting drunk, instead of Jecht saying, "There he goes again, crying!" snidely, he says rather more severely, "Why are you crying? You make me lose face." I'd forgotten how big a part of the dynamic here is that Jecht's *honor* is compromised by having a crybaby son.

-- Auron's confrontation with Kinoc is far more blunt:

Auron: You escaped so fast, are you satisfied?
Kinoc: What did you mean?
Auron: All the soldiers who went against the creed were killed. Only the monk soldiers who follow the creed were left alive.
Kinoc: Er... nowadays, the situation can't be the same with that in the past. *beats a hasty retreat*

--When Auron reiterates that Sin is Jecht, Tidus doesn't say, "I still don't buy your story" but rather "I still don't trust you."

Also, a little later, Auron says, "Don't tell Yuna the relationship between Torture and Jackt," and says nothing about her "distancing herself" if she finds out, but just that it would "make trouble for us."

-- Lucil says softly, "I can't face the dead soldiers," at the end of the conversation with her and Elma on the bridge to Djose Temple.

-- Isaaru sounds younger and less sloooooow. Much more ordinary. Unfortunately, the subitles name him Elsie, Pacce as Becky, and Maroda as McLord!

-- Maroda doesn't say "not much future in being a guardian without a summoner" but rather that "it's a burning shame."

-- There's a little joke at the entrance to the Cloister of Trials.
Wakka: Okay, all the guards are here.
Yuna: I am too thankful for your help.
Wakka: What, are you leaving? (chuckles, fade to black)

--When Dona arrives, she snarks, "Nothing changed but the amount of bodyguards."

-- there's a very odd joke about Auron being Barthello's "uncle" that obviously was so hard to translate that the localization team inserted the "riffraff" conversation instead.

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