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I'd like to strangle the person in charge of casting the American dub for FFX.  Surprisingly, it's not because of the main characters, although the Shatner problems with them are well-documented.

It's because ELMA IS ADORABLE!

I've got to write me some Elma/Lucil fun at some point. I liked the characters even through Elma's godawful voice acting, but it's so much easier when she sounds like the energetic, good-natured and eager-beaver young officer that she is!

Also. Original Lucil?


Very low, understated soft voice that makes you stand up straight and go, "yes, ma'am!"  No wonder Elma's trotting after her like a puppy.

Edit: Off-topic. Other reason I got the DVDs was for screencaps. The above icon is actually an in-game screencap with a few filters tossed at it in a (vain?) attempt to make the blurriness seem like watercolor rather than just fuzzy graphics.

Tags: - icons, c2: lucil/elma

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