Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

My Mind Has Come To Blank.

Uh... Trekqueen... are the subtitles on that FFX DVD extraordinarily bad? Or have I managed to acquire a bad fansub trying to present itself as the real thing?

For example...

Tidus: Thinking and thinking. My mind has come to blank.

Or Auron being called "Yalong."

Or "Al Bhed" translated as "Albert Family."

Or this little gem:

Edit: Okay, this has GOT to be bad fansub. I'd be annoyed, except that I'm laughing so hard there's tears running down my face.

 Oh, and another good one!

It's utterly hilarious! I mostly got this to use for taking screencaps, so I don't mind the awful translation. But if it's this bad, I don't want suziq to see it as her first introduction to FFX.

On the other hand, this is going to make X-2 better than the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
Tags: - humor, f: ffx, stuff: crack

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