Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

FFX Complete Script 2.0 and Zeno's Paradox

Everything is done except that I'm putting the finishing touches on the Monster Arena and Sidequests page. (Chasing wee little Cactuars tonight.)

I got distracted trying to beat the blasted chocobo race and get the Sun Sigil, the one thing I've never succeeded in doing.

I also need to integrate a few things from the Sidequests page onto the Master "Whole Shebang" page.

Linkie: FFX, The Complete Script, Now With More Luzzu Goodness.

The one thing I have failed to find: what happens when you tell Clasko the Clueless to remain a chocobo knight? I think there's no cutscene for him then. A pity. I was hoping to get a little more of Elma and Lucil.

My writing muse has deserted me. I've actually been poking away at a couple things, but it's like pulling teeth.

In other news, I nabbed the DVD/movie version of FFX + X2 (mostly for the sake of X) for $15 on eBay. The non-FMV graphics are slightly crisper than in normal gameplay, due to pre-rendering, and also, I can take screencaps from DVD on my laptop. The icon junkie part of me is happy about this.

Tags: stuff: writing process

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