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Video Gamer Recaps....

... is evil. It reminds me of a bunch of guys making poo jokes with its repetitive sexual humor, and it shreds FFX unmercifully, but it manages to be wickedly entertaining. I hurt myself laughing. A lot. They have a way with words. Also, more importantly, they noticed that Lulu has a cerebellum despite the fanservice tits.

Edit: Oh yeah, the link to this site.

Of course, VGR's review of X-2, as far as it got, did my heart a world of good. I wish they'd finish it. For a brief moment of insanity I considered volunteering to help, then realized I would undo several years of therapy Also, some of you have helped me find enjoyment in parts of it, much like the Curate's Egg, and if I looked at it through a VGR lens I'd revert to my previous hate-with-great-hate assessment.

I wish I could remember all the things that made me laugh aloud (something I don't do often while reading). The only one I can remember is some line about Yuna dating poor mouse Baralai so she can teach him to wear his underwear UNDERNEATH his pants. Which doesn't seem that funny in retrospect. VGR is a bit like old Monty Python, wherein a 30-second clip isn't that funny, but the cumuluative effect of insanity is such that eventually you'll wheeze with laughter if a hedgehog rises over the top of a skyscraper and intones "Dinsdale."

Also... just because... [Screencap from X-2 which is NSFW]
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