Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

FFX Complete Script 2.0: The Home Stretch

Woot, nearly there. I've double-checked and corrected my script up through Zanarkand. I should hopefully get to the post-Zanarkand scenes with Luzzu, Dona, and Clasko tomorrow, at which point I'll have covered all the alternate story arcs/possibilities I can think of. I've only found a few NPC quotes I missed the first time through.

I've added a Battle Quotes page (that will never be complete, since every time I think I've heard every possible comment, someone says something new) and plan to move the Jecht Spheres and sidequests (Remiem temple, the Fayth conversations, Omega Dungeon) to "appendices" pages.

The one thing I may be missing at the end of all this is quotes from the Celestial Weapons quests and the Monster Arena, and who knows, I may get to those sooner or later.

Here's all the sections divided into pages for ease of use:

Into Spira | Besaid | Kilika | Luca | Mi'ihen/Djose | Moonflow | Guadosalam, Thunder Plains | Macalania | Bikanel | Bevelle (Rescue) | Calm Lands | Gagazet | Zanarkand | Sin (Still need to tidy this chapter)

Master Script | Battle Quotes

I've also been poking away at my unfinished fanfics, but I shouldn't say much about that until I have a real chunk to post again, since I'm so scatterbrained!

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