Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

FFX Script 2.0 about halfway done

I've been going back through the script on my second sweep, tidying it up, adding lines I missed the first time through (mostly alternate scenes), fixing it so that when you show/hide the different things like NPC dialog and minor characters, you can still tell where you are in the sequence of events (since that also show/hides some of the markers).

The main thing is that I'm getting all the stuff on Luzzu if he makes it through Operation Mi'hen, because Shotgunnova's "Complete Script" is missing all the post-Mi'hen Luzzu scenes. I've also told feckless Clasko to stay a chocobo Knight. I wonder if I might get one more scene with Elma and Lucil that way.

I have found a new Lulu line which I must turn into an icon at some point...

Wakka: Sure wish we were ridin' a chocobo.
Lulu: Walk, or I'll feed you to one.

I am also highly amused by the escape-from-Macalania-temple sequence... I discovered that if you try and re-enter the temple after Auron orders everybody to run, Auron keeps jogging back and yelling at Tidus: "Where are you going?!" "This way!" "Hurry up!"

The helmsman of the S.S. Winno is a twit. He is VERY RUDE if the Aurochs lose!

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