Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Interactive FFX script: Show/hide the parts you want to read

Can someone tell me if the show/hide buttons at the top of the page work?

FFX Script 1.1

I'm trying to set the script so you can decide for yourself whether you want to have everything visible, or hide optional dialog from NPCs, or various other categories. You should now be able to turn off all text except the Jecht spheres, for example, or hide the FMV summaries.

I wish I could get the control panel to stick to the top like a frame and have the content scroll below it. Every time I try, it ends up overlapping instead. I could use HTML frames of course, but a) they're considered icky and b) I don't know javascript well enough to have it show/hide things in another frame.

And yeah, I know -- it's a little clumsy in that headers/dividers remain even when you've hidden all the dialog away that happened in a section. I don't know javascript, so this is about the most complicated thing I can manage.



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