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I've finally started writing Aulu again. Need to catch up on what everyone ELSE has written.

However, I'm inordinately pleased with how this looks. It's a livejournal blog that's serving as a companion to my Ancient Greece website. On the blog, I'm posting a new entry -- a few sentences plus a photo -- linking to each new section of the website as it gets built.

This is a little like what we do with fanfic, posting a note in our LJs and a link whenever we upload a new chapter.

If anyone's interested in classics, Greek art and archaeology, or mythology, you might bookmark it and check it now and again!

I'm inordinately pleased because I think my web design is better than Squidoo's. The trouble is, Squidoo lets embed different kinds of content better than LJ does, plus -- says my greedy side -- it earns me a few pennies for the ads.

And also, the blog format with earliest content at the bottom and most recent at the top doesn't work well for something that reads like a book. Good for announcing updates, not so great for reading the finished product.

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