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I am once again reminded that the most powerful magic Lulu possesses is the ability to saunter around in a cleavage-baring outfit without (as far as we can tell) the least sign of sunburn or frostbite.

Lacking this magic, I really need to remember to include the tops of my feet when applying SPF 50, since I nearly have the same complexion she does, only with freckles.

The tops of my feet are bright red with little white zigzags where my tidepool-shoes crisscross.

And they itch.

But it was lovely spending an actual day, or most of it, by the ocean. My parents are visiting, so I'm having to keep them entertained as best I can.

And in other news, if you have the least interest in baseball and your home team does not have an ace catcher, PLEASE consider voting Russell Martin for the All-star team. It would take too long for me to list all the reasons why, but trust me, if you enjoyed watching his hits, steals, and great defensive plays only a tenth as much as I do, you'd want to see him in the All-Star game.


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