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Every once in a great while, the words slide onto the page like silk, to make up for all the other times the Muse is being a royal biatch.

Usually this happens when I really, absolutely, must be doing something else.

However, rain helps.

Lovely sloshy rain outside my window all day. It is also a seductive ghost. I am drunk on rain, a sound of my childhood that I miss too often in this sun-drenched alien planet where what my gut thinks of as April through June last 365 days a year.

I miss weather. It's an old friend that doesn't come around often anymore, but I treasure it so much more now.

Ghosts -- why are ghosts sexy?

But Auron is definitely the beauty of the desert, not rain.



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Apr. 4th, 2006 10:01 pm (UTC)
Definitely agree with you there... now if only it would rain on a weekend so that I could have the relaxation and rain at the same time where I have the freedom to write. Not in a cubicle at work all day where I can't even tell if it's raining unless I go to a window or walk outside. :p

Must.... find.... time... to write... tonight... before hubby gets home. Eh and after cooking dinner. >_< Damn you Auron and your yumminess that is distracting me from my other fanfictions!!!
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