Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Dear world...

I'm not offended not surprised that there would be a FFX fanfic out there with the following description:

"Yuna is a teenage priestess, unpopular and is anorexicbulimic, and in seeing her suffer, popular boy Tidus tries to help her out. A bet is finally made to make her prom queen and his...wife? AU TidusxYuna Read and review, please! Chapter 13 up!"

chapter 13??!!!
60,000+ words??!!!

But here's the kicker. NINETY FIVE GUSHING REVIEWS.

Okay, call me petty and small, but I can't believe I'm getting 1 or 2 reviews or, say, 5 at most -- and same thing with all the other skilled writers I know -- when disgusting garbage like THAT gets a cult following.

Tags: stuff: fandom/community


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