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General chatter

Paper dead except for bibliography and final proofread, tweaking. It sucks. I don't care. I have absorbed as much as I can in a short time about the finer points of Sufi mysticism.

Egyptian presentation dead (of course!) except I need to make some Visual Aids. Last time I broke out the poster board, artists' pens, and pencils and shocked my class by not doing computer art. It was kind of fun! That should be easy provided I don't procrastinate.

Other papers due shortly, but I will at least have a tiny breather.


There is so little FFX being written now -- everyone's migrated to XII, woes -- and no FFX porn. The last time I tried to write some it was flat.

But I will at least try to write some. Maybe a little now, as a reward for finishing the paper that's been haunting me since December. (I really, really, really have trouble with esotericism when it gets beyond a certain level of complexity and jargon. The kabbalah is practically tic-tac-toe compared to some of the stuff we had to read/digest!)

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