Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Flyby update.

I see I have been tagged, for like, the first time ever. Muggymountain is brave! (And draws cute stuff.) I will have to attend to it later.


Fibroids (owie) - 5
Sufism paper that Will Not Die - 5
Me - 5

Tomorrow is the next round!

In other news, I discovered that by using the Cursor Memory option in FFX, you can play along in the background while reading a book, looking up every hour or so to make sure nobody's close to dead. (Auto-Phoenix on 2 folks pretty well eliminates the possibility.)

Which means, scarily enough, Lulu can now go *bip* with her left fingernail for 99,999 points of damage.

There's some really nasty stuff in the Monster Arena I'd never seen before. They are now pancakes.

Nemesis, I mock thee.
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