Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Drabbles (some old, one new)

Hmm, apparently I never posted links here to the last several Aulu drabbles I posted in pyre_flies. Most are older, the last is new. Such as they are:

#39: Broken Mirror, Rating G, Wakka asking awkward questions after game's ending.
#40: History Books, Rating G, Lulu pondering scrolls.
#41: Cold Shoulder, Rating G, Auron's final scene from his perspective.
#42: Sweet Vengeance, Rating NC-17, Cranky smut.
#43: Best-Laid Plans, Rating R, Auron rather distracted.
#44: Rationing, Rating R, fleeting moments between them.
#45: What Am I Saying? Rating G, Lulu starting to fall for 'im.
#46: Freefall, Rating G, really funky weird scene from game's ending. (This one was posted tonight.)

Tags: - fanfic, - pr0n, c2: auron/lulu, fic: drabble

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