Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Searching for AuLu fanfiction

Website update: several new reviews/links added to the "Others' Fanfiction" page of the AuronLu Shrine. There's a fair amount out there, most of it quite good! The catch of the day is Crimson and Amethyst, an Aulu set in canon that is unfortunately unfinished, but runs for three chapters.

However, I can't find two that are listed on the now-defunct AuLu site here: The Sanctity of Being Alone by Ifiria, and In My Dreams by Andromeda. I'm assuming ff.net killed them for being too explicit. Has anyone found them posted elsewhere?

I am certain that there are more Aulus out there I haven't found yet. 99% of those I've found so far are on ff.net. If you know of any Aulu stories that I've missed, please post here!

Also -- woot! I'm second on the google search for "Auron Lulu" now! That's good, because the old Aulu site mentioned above hasn't been updated in several years, and all its fanfic links are broken. Now if only someone could convince the official Auron Lulu Fanlisting to add the AuronLu Shrine to their list of "extras" (sites), since most of their featured sites are broken, years out of date, or not in English!

Tags: - fanfic, c2: auron/lulu, stuff: fandom/community, stuff: webpage update

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