Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

One christmas gift ALMOST done.

Well. I have re-recorded George MacDonald's The Golden Key, since my old soundfiles were lost in some old computer crash.

Still not quite satisfied with a few of the soundfiles, but maybe one more recording session. And then there's always the "does it fit on a single music CD?" problem. Last time: barely.

I like being a bard. I am proud of being able to recite hundreds of lines of Homer at will, or entrance people with "Tale of Two Jackals" or an improvised telling of other Greek or Egyptian myths. But my gods, having a sinus infection for 5 months has wrecked all the music in my voice, what little there was. Nasal was always a problem, but it's worse now, and I think I've dropped a little deeper into bottom alto range.


Dear Santa.
I would like a quality USB mike that costs more than $20, and that doesn't require me to wrap a bit of kleenex around the tip to muffle the ffffwwwt sound of every dental, aspirated, or labial consonant.

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