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Favorite Fanfic quote(s)

Every now and then, I go back and read certain fanfics to get the characters' voices in my head again. Grieve by Lynnxlady, for Lulu. Soldier of Spira, for Auron.

This little account of the first Seymour-Auron encounter always cracks me up...

Well, well. Here’s Maester Seymour.

“So we meet again, Lady Yuna.” The man’s hair fascinated me—-was it a statement of some sort? A protest? Lose a bet?

“Y-Yes?” she stumbled.

“You look troubled. Is there anything I can do?” Would it stay up in a wind? How did he put a shirt on over it?

“Well...” Yuna replied, glancing at the gate.

“I see.” Obviously he couldn’t wear a hat. How did he sleep? Special pillows? Seymour ordered the guard to let us pass. We followed him through the gates and he stopped to address a group of Crusaders that were formed up on the other side. “Brave Crusaders of Spira, protectors of all Spira. Believe in the path you have chosen, let faith be your strength! I, Seymour Guado, maester of Yevon, will bear witness to your deeds today.”

How does he wash it? Perhaps he uses a team? Would he pay by the hour, or by the yard? The young Crusaders he was addressing responded to his words enthusiastically. Wakka was less impressed. “What’s goin’ on? Why’s Maester Seymour backing the Crusaders, eh? They’re using Al Bhed machina! They’re violating the teachings!”

Good questions, blitzballer.

“Even going against the teachings,” Yuna answered, “They’re willing to risk it for the greater good. Wakka, I think Maester Seymour sees that too.”

Not even close, Yuna.

“Ask him yourself,” I said. He was coming over. He walked up to me.

“Ah, Sir Auron. It is an honor. I would be most interested in hearing what you’ve been doing these past ten years.”

Well, of course all of my charity work keeps me pretty busy, you—

“I’ve got nothing to say about it.” I walked away, leaving Wakka and Seymour to their doctrinal discussion.

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