Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Wow, no wonder my muse is so cheesy

After watching a couple new Dr. Whos someone brought over for T-day, I had a yen to look up some old ones. I found The Five Doctors, Earthshock, and a few Pertwees and Tom Bakers, plus I discovered my stash of a few favorites I brought from home many years ago (old VHS tapes of The Hand of Fear, Masque of Mandragora, and some other classics).

All I can say is: it's so bad, the dialogue is crappy, the angst is occasionally over the top, the plot twists are so obvious-- and I still like it! Augh! I guess it's because I watched these from about age 10-20 a whole heck of a lot. 80s moog special FX are so cute.

But good grief, no wonder I have no concept of good taste when it comes to plot/dialogue.

Ah, Nyssa. Brainy, wears velvet, shoots stuff, independent, looks like an elf, and that accent... *pavlovian response*

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