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Some year, I'm going to get my act together. I just heard a TSO commercial on the radio with "Wizards of Winter" playing in the background, and discovered that it is still physically impossible to hear that song without bopping one's head.

They're doing a quick tour of the west coast through midwest. GET TICKETS. GO.

I'm now researching whether I can get to to one of the SoCal concerts when they swing through here.

If you've never heard of Trans Siberian Orchestra, behold:

(Bah, stupid LJ may not be letting me embed... if it doesn't show, here it is on YouTube. Loud cheery music warning!)

That's "Wizards of Winter", TSO's adaptation of the Nutcracker Suite. No, the house lights weren't their idea, that's some crazy guy's Christmas display which he synchronized to their soundtrack (mercifully, he's not broadcasting it on speakers -- he rigged it up to play on a loop on AM radio around his house and has a sign up telling people where to turn their dial to get the full effect).

I don't usually get excited about any Christmas music except for medieval revels, but gosh, TSO makes me smile!

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