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Lulu's Journal, spoilerific.

Gah, these are like drabbles -- I can churn 'em out in about 15 minutes.

Problem with the current entry: it presents in a rather bald fashion most of the backstory for Lady Ginnem that I've develped for Resurrection which, honest to gosh, I intend to present in a more dramatic way sooner or later. But by then you all will have forgotten what I wrote here anyway.

Memories of a Guardian (4)
Characters: Lulu, Ginnem, Yuna
Rating: G
867 words

(Day 26, 8th year of Braska's Calm ~ Ginnem's Arrival in Besaid)



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Nov. 7th, 2006 08:16 pm (UTC)
Re: Hello there...
Oh goodie! Welcome to the funny farm! I'm very glad to see you made it!

Don't worry about being hyper, we have a delightful Rikku expert who writes some of the most amazingly good stuff, cupcakemonster, and she has taught all us emo-serious types about the unique genius that can lurk under a flurry of high sugar content.
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