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Interesting website

I'm still not quite sure about this place because, buried in the rules for posting, they say you can't mention or promote other fan communities or sites of which you are a member or direct people to where your writings are posted elsewhere. To me, this website would be a godsend in terms of serving as a hub for ALL fandoms, but is somewhat hobbled in that you can't say, "Okay, so, over HERE is a bunch of great fanart for our fandom, and over THERE someone's posted such-and-such..."

Nevertheless, it has much to offer, and I think the folks putting this site together are clueful, eager, and dedicated.

Myfandoms.com, a one-stop site for:
~ Fansites
~ Fan discussion
~ Fan fiction
~ Fan art
~ Fan blogs
~ Fan videos

It overlaps what we all are already doing here, and they need to tweak the way multi-chapter stories are listed, but they're quite open to cross-posting and have a nifty arrangement with photobucket whereby one can click a button to transfer any photobucket image to one's MyFandoms galleries, so...anyway...have a look.

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