Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Offline for a week.

Don't panic. I'm going on a trip. Back next Friday. Probably offline the whole time.

Okay, well, I do have a bad habit of not getting back to online-stuff when I'm gone for a bit, so... *gulp* hopefully that won't happen this time.

I'm taking all my notes for ship_manifesto with me. (I haven't hadn't signed up to claim Aulu, as that felt a bit too presumptuous and grabby, I just figured I'd contact them if/when I had something ready. AFTER posting the draft on aulu ;) ) The problem is, I've written on Auron/Lulu eloquently on several occasions and said certain things better or worse at different times. Also, I looked at the essays there and saw how people tend to write them, and foolishly started from scratch to write a really good one. The problem was, the essays on ship_manifesto tend to use the script of the game or story as the organizational structure for the essay, whereas I've only ever blathered particular reasons why Aulu is interesting/plausible. I started from scratch with the script and got 70% of the way through before realizing how LONG that approach was turning out to be.

So what I really need to do is look back at past blathers, gather up all my scattered "points that ought to be made about this ship", and organize them into a coherent outline *GASP* instead of just writing by the seat of my pants.

I do have some good stuff written for it though, and am planning some nice banners to serve as dividers for the essay and make it all spiffy. (Dear gods, I nearly wrote "spiffy poo.")

I hope to find some wonderful cupcakecrack fanfics and/or art waiting when I get back, maybe even continuations of some of the Aulus several of us have been puttering away at since last spring...

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