Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Reading list

Wow, i really was out of it for a while.

So. Don't have time now, but how about a reading list?

~ I see a ton of pieces by saharasnow I missed... flagging them. I notice very few reviews of them on ficwad! Partly because we tend to reply first to LJ postings, but just in case you follow her stuff and missed one, you might check her story list for a few quiet gems.

~ Angeltaisha on ff.net. I haven't had a chance to check out her writing, but her profile and the comment she left in a review noting her thoughts about Wakka/Rikku suggested to me that she might be someone I want to read.

~ Catch up on trekqueen's picard/Elrond thingie! :D
~ dig back through cupcakemonster for prawns snippets.
~ DHND. Yeeeeees.
~ dig back through pyre_flies
~ dig back through ff_press

Meep. And somewhere in there, start writing Resurrection and my own pyreflies again, AFTER I finish Till Death.

Anyone desperately want to drop a "READ THIS YOU SILLY!" note?

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