Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

A few quick updates

I just updated the Links page of the Auronlu Shrine to include the best shrines out there for each character, including one that's got soundclips of Lulu's original Japanes voice actor. Hm. I'm so used to that sultry purr, it's hard to decide which I prefer.

Resurrection III is causing me problems.

I'm going into a dark place. The problem is, when I write erotica, I feel everything the characters feel. I put myself completely into their heads (or at least into one of them; I'm sure you can tell whom). I'm doing this as catharsis and stress release and enjoyment. As soon as I start getting into disturbing, painful, and unpleasant trauma, I have to take it into my own soul, and it pops up in dreams and leaves fingerprints on me for days afterwards. That makes writing N/C very troubling for me. Moreover, I don't really like it when fanfic writers put their favorite characters through hell and break them. Broken, they are no longer the characters one loved.

My muse is headed down a dark path, and yet it's very hard to write this plot without doing serious damage to Lulu. I want her strong. But how strong is she?

I guess I pushed Auron to the limit in the last one, so there's a precedent. I hadn't really expected to be putting them through hell, I'd meant for these to be a joyous celebration of life and pelasure in the teeth of death!

Tags: fic: multichapter: res3, stuff: webpage update, stuff: writing process

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