Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Wow... (playing FFX again)

I had forgotten how heartbreakingly beautiful FFX. Which is good. There's these things one gets to know so well that one can't enjoy them properly -- like Star Wars where one knows every single line of dialogue, every flare of the blaster, every movement with intimate familiarity.

I waited six months to play it again. I turned out all the lights, lit candles, incense, got a really good cuppa ginger tea, to help with the mood. The music of that game is so much better than any other besides Riven (and I love it for the same reason).

Talking to every single random character is fun. Tiny little tidbits get filled in. I thought I'd hit every bit of dialogue on the last play-through, but I've still hit much more by going back and forth a lot, checking each character several times.

Just watched Operation Mi'hen again (and let Seymour get pummelled long enough to observe his overdrive, which is adequate, but the Aeons are better). I think I've got the spirit of Spira back in my head enough to start writing again.

Tags: f: ffx, stuff: game discussion

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