Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Well, I'm back.

It's with an odd sense of guilt that I return, feeling like I've let folks down being gone so long. One thing or another, mostly good, kept me away. A ton of work. A scare when my poor cheap ibook went kooky after my using a faulty powercord on it too long. (I still need to restore the system, but I don't think any files are lost, just inaccessible... that includes most of the half-finished chapters for my Aulu stuff though.) The scary part was that it happened the week I was working on the M.A. comprehensive exam, and I had to start over. (Still waiting to hear if I passed.) Three papers written, two to go. I was gone at Pennsic and took a while to get back up to speed on return. And still fighting a sinus infection which has made life interesting for a while. Also wasting too much time watching baseball games in the evening when I'd normally be web browsing.

I've left much undone, and I've not been keeping in touch. I'm sorry!

So anyway. How is everyone? Trekqueen, thanks so much for the phonecall... I only just got my voicemail today, like a twit, so I didn't know. Meh. Hope all's well with you and the critters (fourlegged and two). Cupcake, you've been taking care of yourself, right? Muggy, let me pause here to dash off a quick email, and then...well. Hm. I have pictures to post and an intimidating number of LJs to catch up on, and I won't get most of that done tonight! We'll see.
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