Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

TAKARAZUKA: Paine lovers should see this.

My old gf's wife has discovered a Japanese all-women's drama/theater company which is to DIE FOR, Takarazuka Revue. I assume some of you have seen these folks before (I wonder if dagas_isa's icon comes from one of their productions?), but I haven't.

I wish I knew what they were saying, but it's just not that important, with this kind of talent and eye candy. It's like bishie, only for those who like strong women. Especially strong women in uniforms. I keep expecting Utena to pop out from behind a pillar and start doing stretches.

and they have such pretty voices the voices always get me...

SephirothLord Death attempts to seduce some young hothead.
**EDIT** Better camera angles of the same scene , but lacking the great close-ups at the beginning

Random jazzy dancing.

Phantom of the Opera

More Hot Death.
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