Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Weird question...

Is there some way to add folks to one's Flist so that they can read locked journal entries, but their journals don't show up on your default "friends" page?

I keep my LJ presence a bit segregated. There's the Fandom Me, which is the active one right now, and nearly all my posts here are unlocked. But there's also the Private me that chitcats with old girlfriends and babbles very randomly and whinges a lot more about things going on in my personal life, but doesn't bore them with my Final Fantasy obsession.

There's some overlap between the two groups, but it's easier when I have my AuronLu friends page set to cover the folks I know primarily through fanfiction, so that it's mostly icons, fanfiction, and fanart; and my old LJ for friends' journals that are primarily about their personal lives, rants, activities.

Anyway, just curious.

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