Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

A reason why Aurikku does not fill me with joy. EARWORM.

I keep my Aurikku grumbling to a minimum, because really, my philosophy is, I may not AGREE with what others doing to certain characters, I may think it distorts/dishonors/ignores the basic nature of those characters, but that's just my opinion, and (most of all) we all have different tastes. You go have your fun, I'll have mine. As long as it's in fiction and not reality, it's not hurting anybody to write pedophilia and all the other kinks.

That said.

I sometimes stop by Aurikkus because half of it works for me -- it stems from thinking Auron is a cool dude, and on that much we can agree.


Saturday, I watched a silly YouTube Aurikku video with a perky J-pop sort of song where the chorus was "I want my Samurai!" EARWORM AUGH. I am not equipped to handle "perky" for extended periods.

Yet at this point, I would be almost happy for Small World or the Wizard of Oz "Lollipop Guild" to get stuck in my head just to dislodge "I want my Samurai!"

*goes off to find the awesome "Love Him When He's Gone" Auron video in an attempt to get PERKYPERKYHYPERPERKY out of my skull*

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