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I was writing a lengthy essay on the special appeal and qualities of Auron, Lulu, and the pair of them, after muggy_mountain challenged us on aulu.

I first noticed the similarities between Auron and Odysseus: wiley, well-respected fighters who nevertheless are a bit suspect in their unorthodoxy and sideways manner of doing things; also, Odysseus is astray for ten years after Troy.

There's a lot of Tenneyson's Ulysses in Auron (much as Babylon 5's Sinclair was Odysseus, and John Sheridan Telemachus).

But if Auron is the Odysseus archetype, then Lulu is Circe.

I had been seeing them as Orpheus and Eurydice (save that in this case, it's Eurydice who returns), but that's fun too!



Jul. 24th, 2006 04:01 am (UTC)
Wow, I'm sorry I keep commenting on entries just to get your attention, but it's the most reliable way to reach you.

I did get your email and sent a response, but I haven't heard back, so maybe something happened to it?

Well, in either case, I finished my crit a while ago and since I hadn't heard back from you yet I went ahead and posted it to my journal, locked to you. It LOOKS very long and intimidating, I'm sorry! But most of that is me spewing anatomical facts. The actual number of corrections is not large. Thank you for letting me take a look at it, and I hope you find my input helpful.
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