Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Of Moogles.

While updating the Shrine, I found myself smiling again at muggy_mountain's "?!?". It's so CUTE.

Which brings me back to the thing that threw me off Lulu most back when I started, besides her name, which made me think of a French poodle.

I am not much for cute. The irony of a death-and-brimstone strong female character with a cute squishy doll doesn't escape me, but I am suspicious of cute anime sidekicks anyway (unless in Vampire Princess Miyu, where it's a parody with bloodshot eyes and teensy little fangs), and I am especially suspicious of strong female characters being "defanged". It would be like putting little smiley faces on Auron's sword.

I became somewhat more reconciled to the Moogles when someone pointed out to me that they are like Shinto nature spirits. Totoro and such.

Nevertheless, I gloss over Lulu's Moogles as though they don't exist, when I write. I like the idea that it's her magic, her power, her skill.

A lot of other writers do as well. Yet a few have included Moogles (not least saharasnow, who is an artist when it comes to dolls) to good effect.

I wonder what other folks' thoughts are about the Lu Moogle.
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