Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

A list of recent drabbles

I've posted notifications of all my drabbles on aulu, but not here, in a long time. So here's the list of all my drabbles since I last posted a drabble note in here.

Still Life ~ R ~ (okay, that was so not a drabble, that's the "Auron looks at Lulu" piece)
Seven Deadly Sins (Seven drabbles, some smut, some G)
Life ~ G ~ Post Operation Mi'hen (actual drabble)
Speechless ~ NC-17 ~ Words Auron won't say. (Actual drabble)
With Benefits ~ PG ~ Guard duty has its benefits.
Fish ~ R ~ Gratuitous skinny dipping.
Touchstone ~ G ~ Lulu investigates Auron's little secret.
Self-deception ~ R ~ More on the "unspoken" theme. (Actual drabble)
Too Much Nog ~ G ~ Spoilers to X-2
Cold Winds From Zanarkand ~ G ~ Weathering the night on Gagazet.
Know When To Fold 'Em ~ R ~ Post-FFX, Wakka/Lulu as well. (actual drabble)
Thief ~ G ~ Lulu spying on Auron, pre-relationship.
First Meeting ~ G ~ 12-year-old Lulu sizing up Sir Auron (actual drabble)
Night Lights ~ PG-13 ~ Lulu dealing once again with Auron's secret (Actual drabble)
Walking ~ G ~ Lulu dreams. (New today)

Tags: - fanfic, c2: auron/lulu, fic: drabble

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