Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

When I'm not around...

gah, I'm spamming my LJ suddenly and haven't taken time to go back and read all the wonderful things people have posted.

But. Even when I'm not around, I'm thinking of various people, so, meh, I will risk upsetting someone by forgetting them... and voice some of the thoughts and names that go through my head when I'm not around here.

trekqueen, I'm sorry my dropping off the Plaza also meant my dropping off AIM in my attempt to reclaim my own time. I'm sorry I'm so scarce! I miss you!

muggy_mountain, thanks for the encouragement poke. I WILL be writing again, and I can't wait to read your next chapter. And...hm. I seem to have nothing profound to say, but it's really been nice getting to know you and TQ in that limited yet fond way that fandom gives, eh?

cupcakemonster, I get to worrying when I don't see you posting much, which is idiotic, since a) you needed to cut back and b) you ARE POSTING. Yet still. I send warm fuzzies your way. A lot. I am your goober fangirl, so, well. Take it for what it's worth. :)

sahara_snow, I'm so delighted to see you writing more and more! I WILL get around to reading all the things you've posted lately... I know they will be a treat!

mneme_forgets, dagas_isa, I respect each of you for your good sense and excellent writing, both of which I enjoy, so ...um. Yeah.

owlmoose, I like you and your writing anyway, but gosh, that Mawrtyr connection... it's so comfortable. :)

lassarina, I never thanked you enough. Your "hey, I read this and enjoyed it" feedback made me smile every single time. ;)

nidrig, are you around? Not that I've been posting anything juicy for you to read lately, but I love your art, you were one of my first two readers, and ... D'OH! SCRATCH THAT STUPID QUESTION! *remembers pregnancy* Anyway, er, I hope all's well with you. :)

ff_press, thank you all for TONS OF WORK without which I'd never have gotten so into this fandom.

aulu folks, where arrrrrre you? (Mea culpa.)

I abhore my dependence on smileys. Bah.
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