Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Self-reflective comment.

1) Unfortunately, I was always stubborn, and many years of learning to hone and dissect arguments in cutthroat academia means that it is hard for me to disengage from certain discussions. Bryn Mawr, where women are taught to speak articulately and firmly, also sharpened my fangs.

2) I have no patience with the "emo" term being bandied about lately (or, hm, has it been 5 years or so now? I'm not up on children's slang). Then again, I think kids were calling their peers "sissies" when I was in school. Working on a PhD in psychology has not, unfortunately, made me more patient with the prejudices and name-calling maneuverings people use to bolster their own egos at others' expense. One of the many things broken about society is that children taunt one another for daring to grapple with and express their feelings. If we were all animals who ate, slept, and reproduced without any enhancements to our life experience that would be fine, but humans think and feel-- that's what makes us human. Denying either one (hello, Shrubya) diminishes us.

3) I do feel bad for dropping into dagas_isa's LJ recently with fangs honed because of #1. Hence this post. I do not wish to sow dragon's teeth in someone else's LJ, so I have stepped out lest I find myself wishing to reply to her rude visitor again. I have the sneaking suspicion that he's young enough to be my son, which makes his "older and wiser" posturing both tiresome and amusing.

Dagas, if you see this, sorry for going off a bit and disturbing the peace and quiet of your LJ. It's hard for me to keep my opinionated trap shut sometimes, even on silly comments that don't deserve a reply. ;)

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