Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Cats are wise.

My poor cat hurt herself somehow yesterday -- I wish I knew what she'd done! I caught a glimpse of her limping, and she made that I-am-scared low yowl and disappeared. It took me forever to find her even in my bitsy apartment. She'd wedged herself into the back of the walk-in closet. One hindleg was all drawn up so tight against her body I wasn't sure she could move it, so I felt all around and found no particular spot that made her cry (so no spider bite, I assume). Then I started working her leg loose very gently, because I used to have my leg lock from arthritis every morning so I have some clues how. Finally I got her to relax enough to determine that nothing was out of alignment, she had full range of motion, and she was just all tense because something HURT.

So I took the poor baby into the vet (she wet herself, as usual, that was just a Very Bad Day for kitty). The vet suggested and got her x-rayed to make sure nothing was fractured, and found nothing wrong, can't find any sign of bites or damage apart from a tiny bit of swelling. He's guessing a sprained knee. She's 10, still thinks she's a kitten. Anyone can hop off of something high and land wrong, which was his guess.

He recommended keeping her resting in one place and not let her jump on anything -- keep her in a cage if need be. That would help her heal. I asked how long, because she panics when I lock her up! He said, "oh, several days."

So I was trying to think what to do. But when I got home she just went straight back to the walk-in closet, and she's a little more herself now, but she's not coming out, no way charlie! She's found herself a cozy corner. I put food and water in there with her, and the box happens to be right next to the closet anyway, so she's all set.

She seems a little better today, she's purring and relaxed when I go to check on her. She's just staying tucked out of sight until it stops hurting. The vet gave her antibiotics and a shot for the pain and inflammation.

Poor kitty. I think she'll be fine, and I'll be watching to make sure she comes out of there in a few days and starts walking again, but a hurt little animal is such a sad thing!

And such a ham when she's healthy.

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