Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Oh yeah, and a status report

I'm back from school. So I'll be around more. Much to catch up on!

I also have four papers to research and write in the next few weeks, including one massive one that's for my MA comprehensive exam. "In 10 to 12 pages, show us you know everything about mythology, depth psychology, and various world mythologies and prominent theoriest you've studied in the last 3 years."

And i have to sort out some things like health insurance and getting a tooth capped, la.


I am curently working on the Lulu/Rikku piece. When that's written, I will go back to pyreflies and return to Resurrection. I think the break will help clear my mind a bit.

Unfortunately, in the interim, i've been playing FFX-2 again to get my 70% complete a little closer to 100%, and all the cut scenes and stuff in there is making it hard for me to remember the dignity, weight, and atmosphere of FFX. I need to get a lock of Auron (again).

aulu is all quiet! Meep! :)

Tags: stuff: personal chatter

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