Helluin (auronlu) wrote,


What the...?! *idly listening to radio while paying bills*

"Today's big story...the Apocalypse. But first, the 405 was blocked by an army of undead mummies who were eating the commuters..."

(yaks for a bit about mummies)

"And now...the Apocalypse. The apocalypse happened at 3:25 PM when a giant meteor destroyed the earth. Just prior to the impact, a giant T-rex was spotted in downtown devouring the tourists. Now, turning to weather, Bob..."

Oh, right, I'm in California.

This turned out to be an ad for Universal Studios. Last time it was an April Fools Day news report on a giant volcano coming up in Pasadena.

However, there have been times when the weird news really was real. My radio station tosses in very strange things whenever it can get away with it. I still remember fondly the traffic report that nearly caused me to go off the road coming back from San Jose...

"405 South is blocked with an accident at blah blah blah... and Hollywood Avenue in Burbank is closed until further notice due to a 2-vehicle collision between a Ford Taurus and a Boeing 727...no injuries reported at this time..."

Which was KFWB's way of breaking the news that a plane had slid off the end of the runway and through a barrier into the nearest street.

Ahem. Right. Pay bills.

*shakes head to clear it*
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