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I need to borrow that sugar high icon I just made for cupcake.

My favorite pitcher is starting. My team is playing in San Diego, where my aunt lives, and she promised to take me a to a game sometime this year as a birthday present.

Oh, I am such a silly rabbit. Why do I like baseball? Why?



Jun. 12th, 2006 07:09 am (UTC)
Oooh, have fun! Baseball live is so much better than baseball on TV. Seeing how the players work together, the energy of the crowd... It's great. And I hear the stadium in San Diego is really nice. My in-laws live down that way and I really want to get to a game the next time we visit during the summer.

You like baseball because baseball is awesome. (But boo, hiss, Jeff Kent. He is pure evil. Evil I tell you! ...Okay, really he left the Giants under ugly circumstances and we are all still bitter. But also, he's evil. ;) Isn't it funny how sports loyalties can make otherwise rational people hold all these irrational beliefs?)
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