Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Wanted: Lulu screencaps. (easy.) SMILING Lulu screencaps. (not so easy).

I want.

A clear enough picture of Lulu smiling that I could turn it into a usericon. Or maybe even a laughing icon.

This is fairly hopeless, considering I went through all of vg_footage hunting.

(Note to Trekqueen: VG_footage images are small and blurry; if you ever get in the mood for screencaps you could still probably grab a few handy ones. Also of course she hasn't done X-2 yet.)

I tried to get some images of Lulu from X-2, but they've done something ghastly to her close-up model, and she looks like a pod person. The profile's not too bad, but the straight-on is alarming. (Yuna also suffered the same treatment, the poor girl looked so nice in X, and she turned into a blowfish in X-2.)



Oh, also. There is ONE scene in X-2 I'd love a few clips from. Lulu and Wakka sitting together by the fire. There's a close-up profile shot of Lulu that's screaming for a photomanip. :D

ETA: january 2008: FINALLY got one. (See icon)

Tags: c: lulu

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