Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Favorite Aulu quotes

Heh. This just struck me as fun. What are some of your favorite quotes for these two characters?

(slips in favorite, although this is already on the webpage)...
Lulu: I hope you hurt them.
Yuna: A little!

Lulu: You don't want to finish that sentence.

Wakka: Woah! That was a close one!
Lulu: Stop kidding around.
Wakka: Yes Ma'am.
(yet another reason why Wakka/Lulu perplexes me)

Tidus: Guardians should fight, not think.
Lulu: What are you talking about?

Wakka: Lu, you knew?
Lulu: Chappu told me before he left.
Luzzu: She hit me, too.

Tidus/Yuna: Is Jecht alive?
Auron: It depends what you mean by alive.
(or, even more cagey)
Auron: Can't say. Haven't seen him in ten years.

Auron:I never asked you to follow me.

Auron: The red carpet has teeth.

Auron: Don't make that face. Being dead has its advantages.

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