Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

New story

So, cupcakemonster was hoping for another Lulu and Rikku piece. I got to messing around, and here's what happened. It hasn't been proofed/polished very much. Don't let the name get your hopes up; nothing too exciting happens in this chapter.

Title: Lulu Sutra (chapter 1)
Final Fantasy X
Pairing: Lulu/Rikku
Rating: R
(Suggestive themes)
Word Count: 3068
Status: Unfinished
Summary: A year or so after FFX is over, Rikku washes up on Lulu's doorstep after a rough evening (in more ways than one). Tea and cookies? Or maybe tea and nookie? Stay tuned.

*runs in circles waiting for victim target reader to log in*

Oh dear.
I have sudden urge to design a new set of smileys for FFX.

Tags: - fanfic, - pr0n, c2: lulu/rikku, fic: shortfic (2-5 chapters)

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