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We all have our secrets.


Mild-mannered academic by day, moderator of a delightful "family-friendly" fandom community where the children may play without being troubled by sex and adult issues and netstalkers going bump in the night, I find no outlet for one of my many and varied interests:

Adult fanfiction.

That will not be ALL this journal is about, but I decided it was time to set up a little nook where I could just talk, without offending my friends who don't share my interests, or scaring the kiddlybeans who don't need to know that their teacher/role model may take a break to write a lurid sex scene for the joy of it.

First things first.

My current obsession: Auron and the peculiarly-named Lulu from the Final Fantasy universe. I liked them. Their characters had strengths, flaws, depths, complexities, angsts and quirks that interested me. They're both very hot. Hence my new time-wasting project: Helluin's Auron / Lulu FFX Shrine. [ETA: Moved 9/09 - The Auron/Lulu Shrine] It contains links to good fanart I've found, photomanips I've made playing with them, and links to the general-audience and adult fanfic I've written about them so far.

NOTE. I post my explicit stories on ficwad.com, for one reason: parental controls.

You MUST register an account there to view anything rated NC-17. That means parents who have installed parental controls on their kids' computer should have a chance to say, "er, what's this ficwad place?" and block it, or just not let their kids register.

I'm sure there are many foolish parents who do not monitor their childrens' net habits or install parental controls. That is not my problem. You, parents, need to educate yourselves. I am all for keeping children innocent until they become teens, and then it's YOUR job not mine to decide how fast to teach them about the facts of life. Nowadays those facts include nasty pedophiles prowling the web, posing as teenagers in order to prey on kids. Protect your children from those horrible people and teach them not to give out their names, photos, locations, on the web. Feel free to protect your kids from my writing, if you don't approve.

I believe erotica is a fun and basic expression of the human spirit and should not be censored... but also not shoved in the faces of those who don't want it, or kids who aren't ready for it.

Public entries in this LJ will stay in PG-13 mode and sometimes slip into non-explicit comments that could bump it up to R.

*kicks soapbox aside and cracks knuckles*

ETA: Okay, now LJ actually has an "adult" flag one can put on individual entries. I'm going back through and flagging accordingly.

So then.

Who thinks Lulu is the hottest thing since Princess Leia in that silly bikini in return of the Jedi?

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