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[Fanfic] Drabble Challenge: Auron, Kinoc

Hm. This feels a little contrived and flat. I don't understand Kinoc very well and don't have his "voice" in my head. I may have to try again sometime. Anyway.

Title: High Ground
Final Fantasy X
Characters: Auron, Kinoc
Rating: G

Format: Crapass Drabble
Word Count: 418
Summary: Auron and Kinoc discuss why Auron wouldn't marry the high priest's daughter. Auron/Kinoc challenge drabble for dolevalan.

"She's a fine girl, Auron."

The broad-shouldered warrior ignored him, rolling up his sleeping mat and tucking it in a corner. He hoisted his sword and jug. "You marry her, then."

"I might." Kinoc grinned.

Auron snorted. "I'm sure you'd like to. Shortcut to power, Kinoc?"

"I don't understand you, my friend. Why wouldn't you marry her? She's young. She's pretty. She's wealthy. No more vows of celibacy to worry about, no skulking to the brothel hoping you won't be recognized--"

"Speak for yourself." Auron clipped the jug to his belt.

"You're kidding. Don't tell me you're--" Kinoc stared at him hard. "Is there something between you and Lord Braska, Auron?" He smiled too easily, too quickly. "Your secret's safe with me."

"Enjoy your promotion, Kinoc." Auron shook his head.

"That's it, isn't it!" Kinoc grinned and slapped his knee. "Well, good luck. Enjoy your pilgrimage."

Auron paused at the door, swung around, and set a blade to Kinoc's throat. "You won't marry the girl," he said curtly.

Kinoc's eyes bulged. "Auron!"

"You will also see to it that Edri is promoted to full captain. Understood?"

"The chocobo rider? But..."

"Do it. And give him the honors he earned at Djose. I don't care who his parents were, he saved an entire squadron. Promise me."

Kinoc goggled. "All right." He rubbed his neck with a grimace as the sword was removed. "Why in Spira are you worrying about that? I think your own disgrace would matter to you more than some lowly--"

"Because she loves him." Auron shook his head.

"Ah." Kinoc sobered, looking at his old friend with irritated respect for once again flaunting his monopoly of the moral high ground. "It won't be enough. Her father wants an advantageous match."

"It will be." Auron shrugged. "That boy is now the only one still left in the order who knows the exact location of the missing Fayth. That should be enough to win him at least a little renown. The rest is up to him."

Kinoc's eyes narrowed. "'Still left in the order,' eh? And when were you going to get around to divulging that little secret to your superiors?"

Auron smiled humorlessly. "You would never have heard of it if I did. Keep an eye on him, Kinoc. I expect to find Edri alive when I get back. Inconvenient warrior monks have a a way of disappearing on dangerous missions." He shook his head. "And you're right, Ginnem is a fine young woman."

Tags: - fanfic, c: auron, c: other, fic: drabble, fic: oneshot

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