Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Bah, bad muse.

So Resurrection III is indeed coming along. It won't be ready for a while.

And yet another challenge arrives on my doormat.

I've roleplayed nookie in online RPGs off and on over the years, which is the only reason I could figure out how to write it (well, that, and many hours of browsing Nifty, aff.net, Library of Moria, and Of Elves and Men). It was still a delightful challenge trying to figure out how to write it without being repetitive, without having to use all those coarse words that make me twitch, and while still keeping two characters in character who are usually about as warm and intimate as Severus Snape. (HP shippers who write Snape in affectionate moments, I'm not listening.)

But now I have a bigger problem. In lemons, people don't talk much, they just pounce and go. If I actually have to write any sort of relationship, then I'm treading far more deeply into canon than just, "so, these two characters jumped each other's bones one night when the whim struck them."

I really, really want this to stay true to the characters. I like them as they are in the game. But the game doesn't include stuff like what I'm writing. AUGH! Headburst. On top of that, my own style is a) melodrama-angst and b) sweet and affectionate moments. Neither of which are what Lu and Auron are about. They're tough cookies and they're not very demonstrative. Trying to rein myself in on both counts is difficult.

Guess I'll just have to go back and replay a few bits to get their voices in my head again. Listening to Lu talk about Chappu, almost smiling about him ("you always said I looked grumpy") or Auron's "no regrets" speech to Yuna are helpful anchors.

At any rate, fyre bird, yikes, I think it's working.

This is a more disturbing story arc than I had intended. N/C is not something I had ever in a zillion years planned to write.

Tags: fic: multichapter: res3, stuff: writing process

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