Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

That drabble meme

So yah, I'm seeing the drabble meme going around and I didn't finish my first ten. Let me repeat:

I'll write ya drabbles. No promises when, because obligations make me break out in hives.

Fandoms: FFX, VIII, LOTR, Babylon 5, Star Trek: TNG, Trek classic, MYST/RIVEN, Greek mythology

Ratings: any, but if you're getting past R I can't promise to deliver yaoi. Excessive numbers of boy bits baffle me. More than happy to deliver yuri or het.

*thoughtful look*

I'm not entirely sure why I'm buying into the whole drabble thing. I have two problems with drabbles. One, they occasionally cause me to come up with good ideas and execute them as a drabble, when otherwise I could perhaps weave those nuggets into my "real" writing. Two, there seem to be so many challenges and drabble-trees going around right now that it feels like folks are too busy writing and reading and trading drabbles to write or review full-fledged stories. There's only so much creative juice and time floating around, and drabbles are sort of fast food fanfic.

However, I'm such a longwinded writer that drabbles are helping me hone my skills in brevity, and I'm hoping I'll be able to adapt what I've learned to my main stories. And they are fun to write. So I'm doing this, but... meh... let me also put in a plug for people to read/write/review the longer fic.

I have this vague feeling that we could have a Read and Review Monday or something, where we encourage everybody to read and review one story they haven't gotten around to checking out, and/or a Drabble Free Thursday where you either read or work on something longer than a drabble. Except again, that would be turning fandom into work instead of play. Any time our online fun starts developing obligations and self-imposed rules... *shakes head* yeah, not good. So a suggestion only, folks!

*EDIT* Note to self.
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