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Suggestions for topics to talk about

This is almost like a bulletin board for Aulu fans, all, what, 3 of us? :D Got any favorite topics you want to talk about? Want to poke the rant moogle and see what spews out of me? Feel free to suggest something!


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Mar. 9th, 2006 08:44 pm (UTC)
Auron and Lulu...duh! <3
First of all, I love Au/Lu...I posted a fic at ff.net.

Reflections by Candlelight!


Otherwise, uhm...who here wishes that Auron should still be alive? ^^
Mar. 10th, 2006 02:51 am (UTC)
Re: Auron and Lulu...duh! <3
Oh....my... How did I miss that one?

Oh, that's right, I'm only half finished my ff.net scan. I've hunted all the stories with "lulu" listed as the primary character, still need to go through the more sizable collection of "Auron" stories. I'll definitely be sure to add that one in next time I'm procrastinating with the website.

After a quick glance I've decided that story's going to get saved for bedtime reading. Cheers! It looks very promising. I didn't think ff.net let us get away with even that much! :)

As for Auron being alive-- **WHIMPER* Hell yeah-- and yet half the character's appeal is the sense of loss, isn't it? Though not all. He's a magnificent guy.
Mar. 10th, 2006 03:03 am (UTC)
Gawh, I know! He is so awesome! You should go to www.videogamerecaps.com, they love Auron and hate Tidus! Or, as they call him, "Tightass."

For instance, here are three little (well the first one is big but ya know) excerpts from that site:

(Talking about the under the macalania lake convo)
Tightass stands up to find himself calf-deep in water. The group is standing in what looks like the ruins of a city. I'm not sure how there can be ice up above, and water covering only a couple feet of the lake bottom. It doesn't seem like that would work. Tightass talks to Auron. "What now, I wonder?" Auron says. Tightass takes exception to this. "You act first and think later, don't you?" he whines, as if he has any right at all to criticize Auron. Also: what the fuck? "I mean, can't you be a little more responsible? We're all depending on you. You know?" I hate Tightass with every fiber of my being. Hello! Remember all those Guado that were about to buttrape you, you little shit? What the hell did you expect Auron to do, bend over? And why is Tightass of all people telling Auron what he should and shouldn't do? I wish Auron didn't have so much restraint -- Tightass would be in little bloody pieces all over the lake floor otherwise. Auron's only response to this idiotic wanking is: "A lecture?" And he doesn't sound a bit pleased. Tightass seems to read Auron's murderous thoughts, and quickly backpedals. "No, no, no. Just a suggestion." Auron has some words for Tightass, and unfortunately, those words aren't "DIE DIE DIE!!!!!!!!!" Instead, he tells Tightass that it's good to trust his friends, "But you can't expect someone to protect you all the time. You would do well to remember that." In other words: shut up, asshole. "Is that a lecture?" Tightass wonders snarkily. "It's advice," Auron responds. The self-control that man has is truly astounding.

(About the Bikanel Island incident)

I realize that Auron and Lulu were not looking extremely hard for the others, seeing as some of them were in the immediate vicinity. Maybe Auron and Lulu were doing it.

And my personal favorite:

(Talking about Wakka/Lulu's baby)

"Therefore, someone had to have sex with Wakka. And since we're going for the ultimate in wrongness here, it had to be someone we formerly respected. Luckily Auron is already gone to the Farplane, or he might have had to take one for the team."

LMFAO imagine that! Lulu and Auron needed to have fun...real bad like!
Mar. 10th, 2006 03:12 am (UTC)

That last quote explains SO VERY MUCH. X-2 sounds like a scary game, and I'm not sure whether to buy it. I'm sorry Lulu's not in it, yet so VERY grateful, considering what it seems was done to Yuna!

I do not need my badass mage mincing around in a miniskirt with her IQ halved, thankyou.
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