Helluin (auronlu) wrote,

Website update

Wow. Time for a bit of celebration, I think.

Back in March I was getting close to finishing FFX, looked around, and realized that the only Auron/Lulu fansites out there were in Japanese, or hadn't been maintained in years. So I decided to start a little shrine for Auron and Lulu. Originally it was just going to be my own scribbles and links to some stuff I'd found that I liked.

It became clear that someone needed to keep track of the Aulu stuff posted out there. So I added a section of "favorite art" (at which point, TastyGraphite, the main Aulu art archive, disappeared) and started scooping up summaries and writing mini-reviews of the Aulu fanfic on ff.net. I started expanding my search to hunt for Aulu fanfics posted elsewhere. I reviewed every good Aulu fanfic or fanart I could find with encouraging feedback and a breadcrumb trail back to the Shrine. I urged folks to cross-post on Ficwad, since it doesn't have the censorship problems of ff.net, its review and upload system is easy, and that way new Aulus would tend to appear in one place.

Then muggy_mountain started up the aulu community (why didn't I think of that?!) and suddenly we've got this cozy group of writers and readers and artists.

Since March 3, the AuronLu Shrine has collected:

~ Mini-reviews/links to 40 Regular Auron/Lulu fanfics by various authors
~ Mini-reviews/links to 10 Mature-content Auron/Lulu fanfics by carious authors
~ Links to about 20 individual fanarts, plus 4 websites with multiple pieces
~ Links to the Auron/Lulu LJ icons posted on aulu
~ Links to a selection of Auron or Lulu shrines, videos, resources
~ Links to 30 of my own fanfics ranging from epic serials to drabbles
~ 8 of my own photomanips, 2 mediocre bits of art, and 43 LJ userpics

Bwah. Procrastination R Us.

Thank you to MANY people who have provided links, suggestions, and supplied the stories and art without which the Shrine wouldn't exist. :)

Oh. Cheesy thing.

Any time you post a link to the AuronLu Shrine or aulu community it helps bump them higher in google search, especially if you make the link's text match the search people are most likely to google for, e.g. Auron Lulu Fansite or Auron Lulu fans. It would be nice to keep them on the front page of Google searches for "Auron Lulu" since they're the two largest, most active English-language webpages devoted to our favorite obsession.

EDIT: IMPORTANT! Originally I was using the online nickname "Helluin" and using "AuronLu" for the name of the website/shrine. However, I am a dolt, and got confused about the difference between the username and login name on Livejournal. As a result, everyone now calls me AuronLu (which I like anyway) so I'm changing the Shrine's name to the Auron/Lulu Shrine. But the URL isn't changing, because it would break all the links to it.

Tags: c2: auron/lulu, stuff: fandom/community, stuff: webpage update

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